We convert your tax fears into smiles

Who We Are

Cavaliara is a Belgian Ltd. created in May 2008. Our activity domain is global accounting.

The company itself is years old, while its CEO, Martine Jost, has more than 30 years of experience as Accountant. Having a quick past around the horse world, Cavaliara is specialized in European cases around horses like horse riders, jumping, horse clubs...

Our primary goal is your satisfaction! For this purpose, we can answer you in several languages, including English, French and Dutch.

Client Contact

We first receive a contact from you, after which we decide of a potential meeting date. If you are not in Belgium, we can also chat via phone, mail, whatsapp or the way you want.

Job Description

When we meet, we expose you our missions, such as :
- Documents sorting & classifying,
- Encoding method,
- Type of VAT declaration,
- ...

Our Role

After a concrete establishment of our role in your business, we conclude of a rate and terms. When an agreement is found, we both sign our mission letter for your business.

Creation/Recovery of the Case

If you start a new business, we create a new case. If not, we take care of contacting your actual accountant to get your case.

"Rouler jeunesse"

We take care of your business !

What we do

We do our best to turn your ideas into reality, staying at your entire disposal from single to the wildest advice.

Quarterly situation

We do full retrospective of your business to ensure no big surprise, to make sure all is in your case, and of course to confirm that what is in your case match to the reality.

Balance sheet

The goal is to provide you some graduated reports of your business and to inform you correctly about your situation.

Tax return - biztax & annual accounts

Our services include tax return (also known as biztax in Belgium) and annual accounts.

Tax audits

In case of tax control, we offer as a service to take care of the audit in multiple languages (including French and Dutch).


We also provide some service of subcontracting for fiduciary companies.

Our Team

We are a small structure, yes it is true, but the interest we bring you, is HUGE !

Martine Jost

CEO / Accountant

Benjamin Nicodème

IT Guy

Keep In Touch

Feel free to contact us !